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Special Events in London

London Festival of Architecture
This yearly festival has a new theme each year. Part of the festivities includes treasure hunts for children and adults. There are fun games to test your knowledge of architecture. There are also displays and exhibitions of famous architecture. New talent from around the world travels to London to display their architecture work at the festival. There are tours and walks that take travelers on a tour of the most famous sites of London architecture.

This yearly event draws in massive crowds. The tennis championships are taken seriously. They are also of the highest honor in the tennis world. There are usually hundreds of thousands of spectators that come to watch the famous tournaments. Visitors can purchase tickets, but they must be booked far in advance. Many visitors come for the world famous strawberries and cream. No one knows what the secret is, but they are a unique part of the Wimbledon tournaments.

West End Live in Trafalgar Square
If you love musicals, then this yearly special event is a must see. All of the most famous musicals are performed on stage for thousands of spectators. Mama Mia!, The Wizard of Oz, Chicago and Les Miserables are just a few of the performances that are shown during this festival. There are various activities around the square for families, couples and children to participate in. No one is excluded from this amazing special event.

The Reading Festival
This massive music festival is a yearly event in London, and it has grown exponentially in the last five years. Famous groups from around the world perform for this event. It is often held at Richfield Avenue, but venues are set to change. It is one of the most popular music festivals in London, and hundreds of thousands show up to attend.

Isle Of Wight At Seaclose Park
This three-day festival boasts the hottest names in classic rock from around the world. London music lovers come out in huge crowds to experience this festival for three days of constant music, food and fun. It is an all-ages event.

Festival Of The World
Art, music, comedy and shopping are all available during this long festival that takes place in London. It is held on a yearly basis, and usually happens in the middle of summer. This festival celebrates cultures from around the world, and offers food and fun from those cultures.

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