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Attractions in London

Museum Mile in London is filled with one fascinating museum after another. Located along Euston Road and stretching to the River Thames, Museum Mile offers an extraordinary look into ancient and modern British culture and historical events. From inventions to British ancestral royalty, the monuments and museums along this stretch offer something for people of all ages to be fascinated and thrilled with. Specialty museums are also found sprinkled along Museum Mile, as well as insight into some of England's most historical moments.

One of the most popular sites to see in London is the clock tower named Big Ben. Also the House of Parliament, Big Ben draws hundreds of thousands of tourists and locals each year. The majestic structure features dials that are a full seven meters in diameter. In addition to this, Big Ben's time function is operated by a single stack of coins that is placed on the swinging pendulum. People who want to tour the House of Parliament will need to submit an application to request a tour.

The Changing of the Guard is one of the most fascinating and traditional attractions in London. The simple history of the event alone brings in numerous groups of local and international visitors on a daily basis. Fully-dressed in ceremony military uniforms, guards outside of Buckingham Palace switch shifts like clockwork at set times.

Art lovers who visit London will enjoy stopping in at the National Gallery. Featuring some of the country's most illustrious paintings, the National Gallery has a wide range of European paintings. Included in the collections are da Vinci's, paintings by Van Gogh, Turner, Rembrandt, Renoir, and Cezanne. Educational videos, lectures, and conferences are held on the history of Western European art at scheduled times. Conference rooms and meeting rooms may also be booked for use at the National Gallery.

The Tower of London is another historical site that attracts hundreds of thousands of people each year. The beautiful Crown Jewels, a Beefeater tour, and legends of the Tower are all part of this enchanting and mesmerizing tour of one of London's most infamous towers. People who have a love for history will be enthralled at the tales told during guided tours of the tower that once was a place of torture.

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